Morality VS Youth


Today’s generation wants follow a different morality and life style when compared to the age old system of getting up early in the morning etc.

I heard this eg from a friend. His child was studying in a school in chennai where there were lots of arguments between the kids about the equality and the general partiality for the boys. The boys said – why is the school insisting us to cut the hair properly and chop the nails, where as the girls are always roaming with messy hair flowing all over and they never cut their nails. The girls had many more complaints which I am not going into details as it will become unnecessary criticism and deviate from my topic. The school said – all of you discuss among yourself and make a set of rules for the school to follow. We will follow whatever you guys decide.

The kids had some many sessions of discussion and argument. Finally, they didn’t come up with any new suggestion – they just agreed with the earlier rules. The boys Said it is difficult to grow hair , nails and, we will chop it , that is easy. The girls also said the boys are lazy and they will come to school very dirty.

Similarly, today’s youth wants to get up by 12 noon and want to work in their own way. They feel parents and society are an hindrance to their freedom. Why don’t they make rules for the family and society?

They cannot argue saying no rules is required for life. If I am living alone I don’t need any rules. If I have to live with ten people and want to socialise with the society I have to follow some general rules so that living is very easy.

Have you ever visited a monastery? If not please do visit one. You will see it is very organised and people are very calm. It is because they have rules and all of them has to follow. If someone does not want to follow has to get out. No one is allowed to crib about the rules and live for a long time. Initial cribbing is allowed.

Similarly, many married women does not want to accept the rules of the in laws house. They crib and curse. They lose their inner peace and make others life also miserable. Within 5 to 10 years atleast they should accept the rules of the new house or they should be dynamic to convince the family of the mew rule that they are suggesting.

If the youth in unhappy with the family traditional rules either they should get out and be alone (even that is very depressing) or they should try to understand why these rules are laid with an open mind and not with the thinking that elders are always wrong or they have make a new set of rules and have the courage to form a new community for them.

Dear youth, if you are a person who complains about the family and society rules please draft some rules for life all by yourself.

I am sure you cannot make any rule better than the traditional customs and morality as they have considered all the aspects of mind, body etc.

It will be wise to learn to accept the rules of the family and society. Rather than cribbing and living with it. What we lose is our concentration and inner peace.

We will be able to live together only when we follow some common rules. If everyone will live in their own way we cannot live together.

Even after accepting the rules of the family and society there will be some things which may not be acceptable for the individual. That we need to let go.

I will tell you a story, there was a donkey who was walking and suddenly fell into a well. There was no water in the well. Donkeys cannot climb up. It was shouting in the donkey voice. One farmer came by the side and saw the donkey. This was the very donkey which he never liked. Even though he is a good farmer and loves animal. He for some reason does not like this donkey. He thought of an idea to dig the mud and pour it inside the well. So that the donkey will be buried at the same time the well will also be closed as no one will again fall by mistake. The donkey was crying badly as the mud was falling all over. As it was reading Vedanta and listening to Vedanta lectures it had a sudden insight . It remembered the lesson – Be patient ; make use of what life has given us. It shacked the mud from the back. Tuk tuk tuk. Stamped it with the legs and it became another inch higher.

it continued to shake the mud; stamp it in and another inch higher.

The farmer was busy filling the well. Suddenly, he saw two ears appearing. The donkey bit his back and ran away. The donkey is a Vedanta student and it knows it is a bad karma so it thanked the farmer and could forgive him instead of biting and running away!

it is wise to follow the morality of family and society to retain the inner peace. We will be able to concentrate on our goals of life. Let’s not waste our time by pinpointing the mistakes of the society . Learn to shake them; stamp it in and another inch higher.

Note :

kids feel a lot of peer pressure and they are unable to handle it. They are in great stress. To solve this problem the parents have to happily follow the morals together and set an example so that the kids feel that they need to follow it instead of copying a friend. Youth have lots of why? Instead of just asking – why don’t they look for the answer. I am today very impressed with the Indian life style suggested by our ancestors. Hats off . They were great. We find it difficult to follow, aswe don’t know why it is done in such a way. If explained well, it will be easy for us to follow.

If we want inner peace morality is important.


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  1. Hi Uma, hope you are well…been quite some time since you posted on the blog….please continue the good work….eagerly waiting for the next post !!

  2. thanks for letting me know Uma….i see you have posted so many articles…need to catch up…good that i knew…tk care !!

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